Dec 4, 2009

The Power of Thought - 5

If one is to garner the power of thought, then one needs to develop concentration.

To develop concentration, one has to understand ones weakness, as they are windows to why thoughts are dissipated.

A weak mind always seeks escapism's. Instead of standing up and grappling with problems, (the quality of a strong concentrated mind), a weak mind will slide away and lodge itself in trivial thoughts.

These trivial thoughts will most certainly be those associated with one’s weakness. For example, if one is addicted to wiling time watching television, then ones thoughts are likely to seek the seduction of television.

Therefore, it is important to identify one’s weaknesses as by watching our thoughts we will know how to draw the mind back to the task and concentrate.

For however small or nondescript the task, a highly concentrated and strong mind is necessary.

Bring your thoughts under control, use it to look inwards and understand its actions, this will give you the most powerful instrument for change, i.e., the power of the concentrated thought.

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