Dec 5, 2009

The Power of Thought - 6

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There is no success unless our thoughts are controlled and focused.

Often we hear about people who work for 18 hours a day and yet fail to succeed. Why has success eluded them?

Success has eluded them because they have failed to distinguish between motion and momentum.

Similar to these wastrels are people who believe that since they are thinking success will visit them.

Hereto they fail to succeed because they are merely dissipating energy as their thoughts lacks coherence and focus.

Only when our thoughts are aligned and focused to our goals will we achieve it. This is possible only through discipline and awareness.

At first disciplining, one’s thoughts will be next to impossible. It will behave as if our thoughts has a mind of its own.

Then how can we discipline one’s thoughts?

To discipline one’s thoughts one has gain awareness about one’s thought process. Once one has a fair idea of how our thoughts are distracted, and then substitute it with alternate thoughts that nourish your goals.

However, it will still behave like a willful child easily drawn to the brightest colours and the loudest noise.

Undoubtedly, it will prove difficult and the more one tries to restrain one’s thoughts the more it appears to slip out of control.

Do not fear, let the thoughts slide away, but keep trying to nudge it back by countering it with productive thoughts.

Soon one will reach a stage when thoughts will focus at will.

That is because thinking is a matter of habit and unfortunately, many have failed to realise it.

Remember that like any desirable change the power of thought cannot be accessed in a day.

Similarly, once achieved it is impermanent and can easily slip away. So constant awareness is the key to concentrated thought.
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