Dec 3, 2009

The Power of Thought – 4

Thought powers a person’s life and how he uses it determines his success.

If he lets his thoughts stray and delves on trivial issues then he is doomed to fail.

If he focuses his thought on his goals, like a searchlight piercing the darkness then he is certain to succeed.

For behind the ‘power of thought’ lies a simple axiom that one first thinks and then only acts.

Now this does not mean impulsive action will lead to success. In fact, the contrary is true.

One who has learned to pause and optimize the gap between thought and action is the most successful.

This is the act of thinking and acting consciously. Once one attains this stage, then it means one has developed the ability to control his thoughts.

Controlling ones thought is important as it will awaken intuition, provide tranquility and provide the strength to achieve one’s goal.

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