Aug 5, 2006


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Many managers are reluctant to delegate

Some of them are wary of delegating because they feel that if their subordinates do a good job then they may become superfluous.

Others feel that if the subordinates mess up they will end up having egg on their face.

In the first case, not delegating can lead you into hot water because companies evaluate their managers on the basis of how they develop their subordinates.

In the second case delegation can become successful if one follows these simple steps

Identify the right person to delegate:

As a manager, by now you would identified, who is capable of doing what in your team.

Delegate it to the subordinate who is capable of executing that particular project. Then you are assured of success.

Schedule reviews:

This is a sure fire way to guarantee that the assignment is completed successfully and also on time.

It keeps you informed about the progress and also enables your subordinate to learn from you how to over come roadblocks.

Give them the authority:

Sufficient authority should be given in order to accomplish the task.

If he has to run to you everytime there is roadblock then not only will the project will get delayed you will also be wasting your time.

Point them in the right direction:

Encourage your subordinates to think for themselves and arrive at solutions.

Then if need be you can help them in deciding which path to pursue in case of any doubts.

By following these principles when delegating, you will be free to accomplish more important work.

 By delegating, you will also be empowering your subordinates to build up their capabilities and giving them the experience that’s so important for their own growth.

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