Aug 9, 2006


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Top Performers drive business success. In order for business to grow, a manager should know to harness their energy, knowledge and enthusiasm for doing a great job.

Her are a few guidelines for managing top performers:

Acknowledge their performance:

We are so accustomed to getting high quality results from our top performers that we fail to appreciate it. From now on make it a point to congratulate them on a job well done. They too are human and love to be recognised for their success.

Weed out the mediocre:

Poor performers or mediocre results delivered by others sap the top performers energy and enthusiasm. Take immediate action to bring the laggards up to speed. Either train them or weed them out.

Curb their enthusiasm:

Teach top performers how to resist the temptation of doing everything interesting which comes their way. Show them how to accept projects which are in tune with the company’s business priorities.

Top performers want their companies to grow. Employ these guidelines and watch them skyrocket to their zenith.

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