Jul 4, 2006

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The pressure-cooker environment, in which all of us live, leaves, all of us stressed out.

But as Professor Stephen Palmer, Psychologist at City University and Director Of the London-based Centre for Stress Management says “When you are stressed you are more likely to blow up into rage”.

In order to manage your anger, it’s not enough to manage the situation. To control your anger you should actually manage your thought arising out of that situation effectively.

Anger management experts suggest that in order to control your anger you can try the following:

1.      Try to reprogramme your reactions to the thoughts that trigger your anger.

2.      Try relaxation techniques like taking deep breaths or practicing yoga regularly.

3.      Try hypnosis or go for counseling if it is still uncontrollable.

If none of them work, ruminate on these two following quotations it will give you a reality check.

“If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.”-Chinese Proverb.

 “He who angers you conquers you” –Elizabeth Kenney.

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