Feb 21, 2006


Training your employees and giving them an opportunity to upgrade their skills is a sound strategy for achieving your corporate goals along with increasing their job satisfaction and a means for personal development.

One method would be training and a learning experience, where the employees are trained for new skills and techniques along with an opportunity to satisfy their personal urge for getting a business degree or a diploma.

What I mean is that the on the job training they receive, should be conducted by recognized universities or by recognized autonomous institutions which awards them diplomas or better still which gives them credits or exemptions for certain modules/subjects while studying for an professional degree.

Because of the validation by these Government of India recognized universities or institutions, the value of their on the job training goes beyond the particular company.

Because of this perceived value, their commitment to the job goes up. Their job satisfaction goes up; as they learn new skills. This will also increases the opportunities to grow in their career within the present organization. This external validation also increases their employability.

So next time your organization conducts a training programme, why don’t you do it through a recognized university or an autonomous institution.

This is like hitting two mangoes with one stone. This training session will not only upgrade their on the job skills but will also enhance their employability by opening doors for a degree or a diploma.