Feb 22, 2006


aged three
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Old or young the ultimate aim of all job seekers in writing a resume and forwarding it is to land a job.

But older job seekers have a tougher job, because there is so much screening done even before the interview, they may find themselves discarded by the wayside when they are compared with younger candidates.

This could be basically because your resume is showing its age. Bench mark your resumes against the following points.


Here I am not talking about the usage of the language. I am talking about the dead give away in the resume which reveals you are out of touch.

The most revealing give away is the designations you held or holding. Check the job boards or the classifieds in your newspaper and find out what the current if I may say trendier designations are and then apply them to your resume.

Also ensure that you are using the current jargon or terminology to describe your job responsibilities.


Make sure that your resume highlights the efforts you have taken to keep your self updated.

One of the best ways could be by listing the on the job training you have undertaken or the course you are studying, always the mention it in the order of recent one first.

You can also show this by mentioning your familiarity with modern technology and equipments.


Highlight your experience; this will be a perfect foil against all the youthful exuberance of the other applicants.

Expand on your experience particularly in the context of the job you are applying. Show them how you have already been there and done it.

It will bring home the point that your practical experience is much more valuable and your practical experience can definitely be leveraged to achieve the goals of the organization.