Feb 20, 2006


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During these tough times where there are more jobs than people available to fill them, focusing on retention isn’t just about maintaining morale and on maintaining a positive work atmosphere.

Neither is it about ensuring that your best employees remain committed to the company as the job market keeps throwing new, new opportunities at them.

It’s all about establishing a process that may well be essential for survival in the future.

This change in job market, will effect organizations particularly those organizations that let employee satisfaction and retention strategies take a back seat.

For organizations who consider its people as an asset, they now have to evolve a strategy of employee retention.

The key to this strategy could be a seamless integration of the employee’s aspirations, i.e., career growth, recognition and reward, along with their aspiration for the company.

What it boils down to is an employee will continue in an organization as long as there is personal growth, recognition and reward.

They will also stick with the organization if the employee feels the organizations growth is in line with his expectations.

An organization which is growing exponentially will not have any problem in attracting new talent but also in retaining their best talent.