Feb 17, 2006

How does an organization foster employee accountability and commitment?

It’s imperative for any organization to create a culture which fosters employee accountability and commitment to the business objectives of the organization.


  1. All your key employees should be thoroughly educated on the nuances of the business. This will make them understand the impact of their decisions on the day to day activities of the organization.
  2. Train your first line managers on the skills required for senior positions. This will make them understand why a decision has been taken or why a work process is being followed. Since they are also in the know it will ensure their commitment towards achieving the business objectives of the organizations.
  3. Give employees unrestricted access to information and communicate effectively the objectives of the organization. Allow them to arrive at solutions and give them a free hand in implementing it. This will ensure their accountability.

An organization that does not foster a culture of accountability and commitment to its business objectives by the employees does so at its own peril.