Feb 19, 2006

How to get hired in a different industry or job function?


Until a few months or weeks back, you were working for a company or in a sector which was growing very fast           


But now you find yourself without a job because of recession, layoff, or even mergers.


Whatever be the reason you have to get a job fast. And one of the opportunities which come your way is in a different industry or function. Particularly for senior executives it’s a huge challenge to get these jobs.


How do you go about getting it?


Even though you may feel your skills are industry specific, unless you worked in a purely technical or research functions, your executive skills are transferable across industries and functions. First identify those skills.


Its common failing that during interviews we highlight our accomplishments in the previous job. Understand the requirements of the vacancy and then during the interview, communicate what you have done in your previous assignment in a similar situation and highlight your achievements with reference to the context of the present job.


One of the best ways to do this is to cut down on using the jargon of your previous job or function. It would also be great if you can talk the jargon of the industry you seeking employment. The interviewers will relate to your accomplishments faster.



Make an honest self appraisal of your accomplishment, contributions and the skills you have developed in your career. It will enable you to show your interviewers the skills you are bringing with you to the job and how they can maximize it.