Feb 16, 2006

Are you contemplating a Career Change?

Are you contemplating a Career Change?

The first step one does when contemplating a career change is to decide which field you would like to shift to. Without deciding on which field to shift it’s next to impossible to evaluate whether you have the requisite skill sets.

Once you have decided to shift, evaluate your skill sets. Find out whether your existing skill sets are transferable to the field you are contemplating to change.

If your skills are not transferable, find out what skills are required for the field of your choice. Either go back and take a formal course on those skills or join at a lower level to gain experience.

One other method would be to get a transfer in your existing company and work in the field of your choice. Once you have acquired the necessary skills or experience you can then start actively looking for a change.

With the experience you have gained and the new skills you have acquired most companies should welcome you, particularly if it’s growing field where there is a paucity of mature candidates.