Mar 17, 2006


Annual performance review is an ideal time to showcase your achievements.


Start preparing for your review at the end of your last review. Be proactive.


If your customer or your superiors lauds you on your work, ask them to give a testimonial. File it and use it during your appraisal.


Always comprehend what is your job. A good guideline is your job description.

Keep reviewing your work against this. There is no point in being successful in say making coffee, if it’s not a part of your job.


Use positive terminology in your self appraisal. If you had encountered a problem document it and also document how you solved it.


During your appraisal with your manager he may point out some areas for improvement.

Don’t become defensive and start arguing, let it go, make a note of it. After he had his say ask him to suggest ways to improve, there is no harm in massaging his ego.


Remember if you perform, your boss also gets kudos, so it’s imperative for both of you to come out your appraisal smelling of roses.