Mar 15, 2006

Handle your boss.

Manager of the Year
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First and foremost understand that your boss values your skills, otherwise he would not have hired you.

Understand what exactly your boss expects from you. Look at yourself from his point of view. Then it will be easier for you to understand why he wants you to do certain things in a different manner.

If you encounter some problem during the course of your work go to him with the solutions. It will be easier for him to decide and he will also have respect for your problem solving skills.

If you feel that your boss is wrong, don’t confront him and try to show him up. Instead put forward other alternatives and leave it to him to decide.

Leave the decision making to him. Whatever he decides implement it wholeheartedly. Understand that success or failure, it is his head. So do your best to make it succeed.

Always support and work as a team. Because if he succeeds you can be sure that you will also grow along with him.