Mar 10, 2006


Push pull push step
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Team building is not an easy exercise. In a corporate environment with its politics, pressure, push and pull: team building is a Himalayan Task.

Here are some very basic team building tips.

• Staff your team with people who have prior experience in working in a team.
• Communicate effectively why this team has been constituted. (GOAL)
• Organise frequent meetings where ideas and obstacles can be discussed freely.
• Demonstrate verbally and visibly the value of each team member’s contribution.
• Eradicate the pessimists from the group.
• Guard against the members who play office politics.

Leading a team is not an easy task. Everyday adds new dimensions and different dynamics.

As a manager to have great team one should be willing to pencil in a lot of time to nurse it and once the team starts jelling they are sure to reward you with results far outweighing the time you spent on building it.