Mar 7, 2006

Welcome, new employee!

Welcome, new employee!
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Induction is a key element in recruitment. Recruitment does not succeed until the individual starts becoming productive in the organization after imbibing the culture and values of the organization.

This is where induction has a role. A thorough induction process integrates the new employee seamlessly into the organization, thus enabling him to become productive from day one.

The primary objective of an induction programme is to make a new employee to productive as early as possible.

This can be done by communicating the organizations culture, values, and structures. Give the inductee all the information he requires, about the company, its goals and also about his reporting structure.

Make him understand clearly what is expected off him. A clear understanding of what are the expectations will focus him on delivering results.

A good induction programme should remove all his apprehensions and fears and make the new employee feel included and in step with the organization.

Having new employees join and leave almost immediately is a waste of company’s resources.

So a good inductions process will ensure that you can maximize your returns from new inductees.