Jan 4, 2006


With the economy booming, job growth at the executive-level, is also booming.


Unfortunately, this means a growing number of employees will be preparing to leave for greener pastures...

The reasons are not hard to find:


  1. No opportunity for career advancement and personal growth.
  2. Inadequate rewards.
  3. Lack of recognition.
  4. Bad corporate culture.


Has your organization developed a plan to retain your top flight talent?


Retaining your top talent is not going to be easy.


One of the obvious but least implemented strategies is to reward your best talents with much more than just compensation.


Get them talking, keep the line of communication open.


By constantly listening to them you will become clued into their individual aspirations.


Armed with this you can devise or tailor a reward.


Sounds easy I know, but as Ravi Shastri often says, it’s a tough ask.