Apr 20, 2009

What if you do not have an option?

Robert Cheruiyot in 2006 Boston Marathon as he...Image via Wikipedia
Never put all the eggs in one basket are one of the oft-quoted warnings we come across in our life. Though it is a warning, I see many people take it to heart; so much so, they spread themselves all over the place.

These very same people have many great ideas but fail to implement them with success. I believe they fail because they have too many options. The person whose very livelihood depends on his ideas success is never going to fail, as he has nothing else to detract him.

For him life is simple and reduced to having to succeed. Left with no other options, he is like Robert Cheruiyot’s lion.

The Kenyan marathoner and winner of Boston marathon once said, “When the lion is chasing the antelope, he does not look back. He has to eat.”

Cheruiyot was probably talking about his motivation. So why not be like Robert Cheruiyot and stop looking for an excuse. Keeping many options open is another way of seeking to eliminate failure and a confrontation with truth.

Go forward and never ever look back.
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