Jan 2, 2008

Failing to work your plan

We know exactly what we need to do to succeed--and how to do it. However our failure rises out of our inconsistency in executing what we have planned to do.


This inconsistency is due to the fact that we are not convinced that our plan will lead to success. Maybe we are blindly following someone's path or it could even be due to the fact that we have set a goal to look good to others, to gain acceptance or even recognition. Once we start executing it the goal looks undesirable and we seek reasons to jettison it.


Inconsistency in executing the plan can also be due to insufficient detailing. When we plan, we don't put much thought into it. We recognize the goal and broadly chart a plan to reach it. In the midst of executing the plan, we find that we have failed to plan for certain contingencies and spend our energies in re-working our plan.


Have you found yourself failing to work your plan? Why did it happen and how did you handle it?