Feb 11, 2006



Do you have a clear thought out strategy to achieve your career goals?


We are all generally stuck in the here and now to have given much thought to where we will be in our career in a decade or so.


Lack of clear cut strategy can prove quite costly for your career.


A wrong career move can short-circuit your goal and before you know it you are left floundering in your career with no prospects for career growth.


Invest time in assessing. Assess where exactly you are today in relation to where you wanted to be. What are the skills you have and what are the skills you need to acquire to grow to the next stage in your career.


It’s always better to have the support of someone, who will give you unvarnished advice.

Have a mentor.


Or if you idolize a person, lean back, and visualize how he will handle or act in the situation you are in, and then act on it.