Apr 24, 2018

The importance of stepping back

We are trapped in a whirlpool—an endless swirl of learning new and novel things. The reason, we do not want be caught unaware by change.
There are two downsides to this drive to learn everything new. One, our mind becomes cluttered with the important and the unimportant. Two, we develop an anxiety that makes us eschew in-depth knowledge in favor of keeping abreast.

Let us break this vortex by letting what we learnt fester in our mind and seep into our blood. Allow the knowledge to become one with the rest we have gathered over time. This might slow us down, but it would let us get a single-window view on how we can apply the knowledge to a wider variety of uses. Significantly, it will let us see what needs to be left alone.

By stepping back and slowing down, we will understand whether what we learned is timeless or topical. It will help infer what we stand for is right or wrong. 

This renewed understanding will help us make better decisions because we have let urgency fall away. Simply, we know what is important in work and life.