Apr 10, 2017

How to Adapt In The Face Of Uncertainty, Complexity, and Change

At every turn, businesses find that the challenges they prepared for are not the ones that face them in a rapidly digitizing marketplace. Here are 4 principles that can help make the challenges work for them:

1. Simplify everything so that everyone can understand and implement

Reduce complexity whenever and wherever possible.  Make rules simple so that everyone can understand and follow.

2. Always keep the “customer” in mind

When everything else is fluctuating, it is critical to keep the focus on the customer —the very reason for a business to exist.

3. Empower everyone to take command

The speed of events means that at certain points in the process, everybody rises to the role of “leader.”  Therefore, it is essential that everyone should be trained and given access to the right information at the right time.

4. Drive accountability to the metrics that matter

Make everyone understand the reason why their work is measured against a particular set of metrics and why it is important for success.

These principles if used correctly will help organizations adapt quickly, and continuously redefine success.

Adapted from Seth Bodnar: From battlefield to boardroom: Lessons in leadership