Apr 3, 2017

Do you have to always say something?

During conversations, why are we looking for something to say?

Is it to impress?

More likely, it is to put forward our point of view.

However, more often than not, we will only be repeating ourselves.

It is like we are in an eternal loop. Every time, there is a situation, it is never solved.

We wait to have a say, thereby putting the person who is speaking to us to regress and fall back into reacting in the same manner.

It is almost like we are parodying ourselves.


Getting out of this infernal loop is a challenge.

Why not let other have their say, without interruption.

We should respond only when there is a direct question.

Let them expend themselves. Let it go.

There is no need to ask/answer every instance.

The truth might be that once others have their say, the will be more receptive to listening to us.

Better still, they will even without us repeating our position, understand us.