Sep 26, 2015

These Photos Will Make You Want to Quit Your Job

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These Photos Will Make You Want to Quit Your Job and Ride a Mustang from Mexico to Canada

The end of the trip, punctuated by a simple green road sign reading, "LEAVING USA. STOP AND REPORT TO CANADIAN CUSTOMS," brought with it a strange mix of emotions. There were the bonds the riders had forged with their horses. Despite the setbacks, there was a nagging feeling that maybe their trip wasn't challenging enough.

Amidst Current Market, There Is Still Job Demand

An IHS Global Insight Report states that the oil and gas industry will need nearly 3 million workers by 2020.
This is almost double the demand from 2012. Factors leading to demand are that qualified employees are hard to find as well as the aging population of current employees.
Read why numerous oil and gas jobs are in demand here.

Smart Questions You Should Ask During Every Job Interview

Employers shouldn't be the only ones asking questions during job interviews. It is also important for candidates to pose some questions of their own. - See more at: