Nov 11, 2011

Job Search Tips for Experienced Individuals

This article is for those who acquired additional educational or technical qualifications in order to advance in their chosen career.
If you are one of the above-mentioned experienced individuals, with recently acquired qualifications you can start by talking to your boss or your line HR and find out whether there are any suitable job opportunities for you within your organization.  You can also simultaneously, start scanning the internal job openings postings for positions that suit your current qualifications.
There are also other alternatives if you are seeking to enhance your career growth outside your present organization. Among the job search alternatives open to you, the following are very effective:
  • Internet and newspapers job postings 
  • Networking
  • Executive recruiters
Internet and newspapers job postings:
The most popular Internet job boards are,, and etc., In addition to these job boards, there are other job boards specifically catering to specific skill sets or professional qualifications.
 In order to carry out a successful job search you also need to know how to use these job portals effectively. So before you start your job search, ensure that you list:
  • Job responsibilities
  • Job title 
  • Software, hardware programming skills

Do not limit your job search to your current designation-use these as your search terms in the key word search field. You should also use synonyms of the terminologies in order to cull the best jobs on offer.
Networking is an effective way to advance in your career and for widening your job search. As an experienced professional, you would have established relationships with other professionals. You can use this network and judiciously mix it with the contacts you established in social networking web sites to enlarge the scope of your job search. By dropping subtle hints and sometimes-outright request, you use your network to do the job search for you.
Executive recruiters:
For experienced individuals, Executive recruiters/Headhunters are an attractive job search option. Organizations contract these Executive recruiters in order to fill in senior level vacancies. In fact, some companies rely entirely on Executive recruiters to fill their critical positions. Some of these recruiters have openings that are never advertised openly on job boards. Executive recruiters also provide the sort of anonymity that a senior individual crave for during the job search.
Therefore, senior individuals looking for career growth opportunities either within the organization or outside their current employment can conduct a successful job search by judiciously leveraging the power of the Internet, the strength of their professional network and the anonymity of Executive recruiters.