Nov 10, 2011

Job search: Reduce your dependence on job boards

It is becoming increasingly evident that recruiters are moving away from job boards and relying on social networking sites to network with job seekers. 

In fact, assorted studies and research have revealed that networking is the most effective job search method and scores over other traditional job search methods because networking opens hitherto unknown professional doors. 

Relying entirely on job boards is a passive job search method and primarily reactive in nature. Due to its passive nature, it tends to lengthen the job search process.

In addition to the above-mentioned reason, over-reliance on job boards involves a lot of time and effort to track and apply for jobs online. However, as the success rate is low and success far between it largely turns out to be unproductive activity. 

This where networking- a combination of connecting one on one with professionally likeminded people and online social networking will always be the best method to search for a job. 

Therefore, rely on the job boards to help you identify opportunities and utilize it in tandem with a concrete job search plan aligned to your career goals and career growth ambitions.  Leverage the strong professional network you have built to shorten the interview cycle; your job search will be a success.