Jan 31, 2011

Communication Strategy

To create a communication strategy that describes the engagement principles, organizational vision, and goals with clarity, simplicity, focus, and relevance.

To establish a communication strategy that filters out the white noise and broadcasts a unified voice that is understood across different media and enhances employee engagement.

The message should be conveyed at a level by which employees can form opinions and conclusions.

Typically, the communication strategy task force must spend time researching and discussing what employees like, what motivates them, and how to use this information and connect with them.

Importantly, the task force should understand the employee’s perception and conduct dip stick surveys to monitor the effectiveness of the communication strategy.

1. Awareness about organization goals and vision and engagement principles.
2. The appropriateness of the message, method and tools used.
3. Measuring and monitoring the quality of behavior changes.
4. Ascertain and ask for suggestions on how to ensure the behavior change strategy is integrated and sustained into the existing DNA of the organization.