Dec 12, 2010

Contribute Effectively During Meetings

Meetings are a productive group approach to solving problems. It is also an opportunity to enhance your professional standing and make a positive contribution to the larger interests of the organization.

If you attend meetings as a participant, here are some tips to make effective contributions to the meeting.

Go prepared:

Understand the agenda of the meeting and plan your responses or the observations to the group. This will help you make valuable contributions to the topic under consideration.

Speak when you have something to say:

Speak up when you have something worthwhile to say .This will reveal you as a person who can contribute to the organizations cause.

Express dissenting views:

Never, hesitate to share diverse opinion or express dissent. Disagreement is fine, as long as it makes everyone realize the importance of doing due diligence. However, take care to express it in a non-aggressive manner.

Show interest:
Even if you find the ideas unoriginal; be attentive and always maintain a professional demeanor.


Not following up on the work done in the meeting is a waste of an organizations time. Start thinking about how you can implement the strategies in your department or your team. This will help you to make suggestions that are valuable during the follow up meeting.