Nov 21, 2010

Definitions and Dimensions of Leadership

Leadership is influencing people by giving them a sense of purpose, pulling them in the right direction, and motivating them to achieve goals.

However, leadership has other dimensions, like the ability to transform a vision, conducting effective organizational changes, and commitment to values.

Leadership: Ability to transform vision into reality:

A leader’s ability to engage various stakeholders and make them believe and commit themselves to transforming his vision into reality in an organization is one dimension of his leadership quality.

Leadership: Ability to build organizations:

The ability to build organizations is another dimension of leadership. A leader has to analyze and find solutions to the simmering problems. He has to prioritize the challenges and take on the one that will create a positive impact and at the same time ensure that he binds the organization together.

Leadership: Ability to be a role model:

Yet another dimension to leadership is the ability to embody values and professional ethics. This is the most critical dimension as it inspires trust, implies accountability and demonstrates dedication to the vision or to an organization.