Dec 23, 2009

Relationships: Dealing with conflict -1

ConflictImage by Rishi S via Flickr
Relationship brings intimacy but also develops enmity. What starts of as a charming quirk or an unwitting behavioral error, soon gathers mass and tends to solidify into a major interpersonal conflict.

Individuals react to conflicts in different ways. Some may use physical strength, other may use a loud voice to drown out the opposing voice, and some just have the habit of withdrawing into their own self-leaving the conflict to exacerbate.

However, an unresolved conflict is like a festering wound. The parties involved keep going back to it. The one who wants the conflict resolved will make snide remarks in order to provoke the other. In turn, the one who avoids conflict will either ignore it or choose to bring other unresolved issues into it.

Unfortunately, the longer the conflict is unresolved the costlier it becomes in terms of relationship. Therefore, resolving conflict is beneficial for the longevity of healthy relationship.

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