Dec 8, 2009

Mind Control -1.

Daydreaming gentleman in 1912Image via Wikipedia
man is tempted in different ways by the desires of his six senses, eyes, ears, nose, tongue, touch and brain, and is controlled by the predominant desire. If the six creatures are all tied to a post, they will try to get free until they are tired out, and then will lie down by the post. Just like this, if people will train and control the mind there will be no further trouble from the other five senses. If the mind is under control people will have happiness both now and in the future. – Lord Buddha

Concentration or the ability to direct your thinking is a tough task. Simply put, concentration is the ability to focus at the task on hand by avoiding distractions.

However, it is easier to be distracted than to be focused. As anyone who has tried concentrating for a length of time will reveal, concentrating is as easy as giving up smoking. It is the duration that is difficult.

For we all have the ability to concentrate particularly when we are involved in things we like.

At other times our mind wanders, we become concerned about the enormity of the task, contemplate failure and even avoid the task completely by daydreaming.

So how can we empower ourselves with the ability to concentrate. Let us examine the methods this week.
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