Dec 9, 2009

Mind Control -2

The secret to achieving mind control is simply one of practice and persistence.

However, one cannot just will one’s mind to concentrate without understanding the nature of the mind.

In addition to it, one must also learn certain techniques and practice them assiduously to achieve a supremely concentrated mind.

However, the first step to mind control is the realisation that it is not an act that reaps instant gratification and will definitely cause inner torment.

It is also an endeavor that one will repeatedly fail. The antidote to it is persistence that one will have to have in abundance.

For mind, control is not easy and as Lord Buddha points out:
“If one man conquers in battle a thousand men a thousand times and if another conquers himself. he is the greater conqueror.”
Now are you ready to become the greater conqueror by conquering one’s mind?
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