Dec 22, 2009

Have you overestimated what you can achieve in one year?

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The biggest gift you can give to yourself is to realise that the timing of a project or goal is more often than not totally in your control. 
It is like we have set the ball rolling and now we need to be of service to that goal. Responding to its needs, nurturing it and taking action wherever necessary, but, at the same time, taking our own agenda out of the picture and trusting that if we are truly following our heart, our passions, then it will happen. 
I have been practising this over the last couple of months and although I have not yet totally mastered it (not by a long chalk!) I have found that when I can see my projects through this lens I am able to step back and see what is the best next step. Interestingly what I have found is that when I do this then things do actually begin to move.
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