Apr 15, 2009

Why should grooming matter?

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An excellent article on why we should present ourselves professionally.

Do you make the best of your natural assets? Personal grooming in 2009 : Women Unlimited

It’s a sure sign of self-respect and self-value. It says volumes about you and how you can survive the current uncertainty many face at the moment. Today with major redundancies, huge losses, house re-possessions, business is tough and life is on a tight rope for so many people. These are all aspects of a new world we didn’t know until a few months ago.

Women are resilient so let’s show the world we care about ourselves. Our most precious possession is ‘our-self’, quite literally our body, our mind, our emotional presence and our self image in this world. The way we present ourselves, the nature of our demeanour, the rapport we build and the service we delivery are key to success, especially in 2009.

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