Jan 12, 2009

Self-Promotion- the art of subtly attracting attention

Self-promotion is the art of gaining visibility without giving the impression of being pompous or egoistical. Overdo it you will be branded an attention seeker, underplay it you may as well become the proverbial hiding the light under the bushel types.

There are two schools of thought regarding self-promotion. One is the typical laid-back style – where doing a job well is good enough. The other school of thought is more aggressive, it believes in the mantra of not only doing a job well but also doing everything in ones control to ensure recognition for a job well done.

Putting aside the merits and demerits of the two-schools of thought, it is imperative to ensure that one gets due credit as others more ambitious or even unscrupulous may leapfrog over you in the career stakes.

How to Sell Yourself-Carefully a book by Tom Krattenmaker lists out some simple strategies for self-promotion.

  • Offer information about your accomplishments by weaving anecdotes (that include others besides yourself) into the flow of discussion.
  • Build a network of appreciative colleagues and bosses by taking on tasks for them and following through.
  • Prepare a brief and informal "bragalogue" to have at the ready when the CEO or senior-level executives ask you about your work.
  • Be sensitive about the timing of your self-promoting remarks.

Tom Krattenmaker concludes, “With forethought and practice, you can increase your skill in subtly drawing others' attention to the contributions you make to your organization”.

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