Dec 18, 2008

What is your style?

Murphy in his book “The Achievement Zone: Eight Skills For Winning All the Time From The Playing Field to the Boardroom,” says there are three competitive styles.

  • One style focuses on a goal for the sake of one’s ego. Anyone with this style wants to win at any cost, even if it destroys everything else.
  • The second type is failure-focused style, characterized by those individuals who set goals so high that when they fail to attain them, they can conveniently label the goal humanly impossible to reach.
  • In addition, the third style focuses on the action. These competitors concentrate their mental and physical energies not on winning, but on achieving their own personal/skill goals.

Personally, I believe the third style that focuses on concentrating our mental and physical energies on achieving our own personal goals as fulfilling.

Which style do you believe to be more rewarding?