Oct 10, 2008

Zhaopin.com for jobs in China


Zhaopin Zhaopin.com is China's first online headhunting and job website.

It is a job site where one can find China-based job opportunities for mainland Chinese and expatriates. According to Alexa, Zhaopin.com has a traffic rank of: 1,37337 and google has given it a page rank of 6.

After a initial shaky start to its existence it received private funding in 2005 and launched  a co-branded job website called the Sohu.com. Recently, the Beijing-based Zhaopin.com has completed a $110 million financing to expand its online recruitment in China ahead of an initial public offering expected in 2010.

In fact Wall Street Journal says Zhaopin is a top ad spender, buying $ 17.8 million of display ads during the first of the year.


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