Oct 26, 2008

Your résumé should have a skills/qualification summary.

resume summary career job Let us understand the need for a skills/qualification summary. A skills/qualification summary provides the rushed hiring manager/recruiter a quick way to decide whether you suit the vacancy. It amplifies what the candidate can do for the targeted company and thus makes it easier for the hiring manager/ recruiter to decide. Therefore, always use a Summary.

Michael Worthington, who runs ResumeDoctor.com. takes the need for a summary further.

He says résumé needs a skills summary, customized for each position. "You failed to give your reader a quick overview of your relevant skills and background as they relate to the specific job to which you are applying. This is the section that 'sells' your expertise to a potential employer, so it should draw a clear connection between your work experience and the expertise required by the potential employer".

However, the summary is out of place in a standard resume. For example, if you are the sort who does not believe in sending a customized resume then the summary is not for you. There an Objective will do. Whereas when you customize each resume - a summary highlights the skills and qualifications you have that pertain to the job.

Hence, under and use the summary judiciously.

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