Oct 28, 2008

Do you need an image consultant?

Before After Image Consultant There has been a 38% increase in search for image consultants on Yell.com a website that prides itself in calling itself UK’s local search engine.

The increase in search can be put down to recession and the attendant job loss. However, it does not explain why people are searching for image consultants during job search.

According to the AICI – Association of Image Consultants International “An image consultant is your partner in success — guiding you to present a uniquely personal and completely professional appearance, improve your business communications, and act appropriately with confidence in any situation.”

The Federation of Image Consultants tells us more succinctly, “More and more companies and private individuals are choosing to employ an image consultant, to ensure that they (and their employees), are presenting themselves in an appropriate way for their existing work environment and wider lifestyle.”

An image consultant will help you improve your etiquette, wardrobe and both inter-personal communication and public speaking. Considering there are only a few job openings a session or two with an image consultant may just do the trick.

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Image Photoshop by Chloe