Sep 25, 2008

Opportunity blockers

Often we find ourselves doubting our abilities. This self-doubt, often makes us vacillate and procrastinate. So badly does it effect us we hesitate and lose the opportunity.
If self-doubt is one opportunity blocker then seeking confirmation from others is another. There is nothing wrong in asking for advice when in doubt about a course of action. However, the pitfall here is we often ask opinion just to validate our decision. In the guise of seeking advice we look for others to confirm ours is correct. 
This often confuses us. Those whom we seek advice from may be ill-informed, or they have their own bias and certainly they do not have your motivation(reason). In that case you will find that people have a different take on the issue and it will certainly not match our expectations. This then makes us falter in our resolve.
Ask for advice or confirmation from two or more trusted sources then fine tune your course of action. Do not ask or listen to numerous voices. Asking advice from too many can also be opportunity blocker.