Jul 15, 2008

A bad time to look for jobs?

US Whig poster showing unemployment in 1837Image via WikipediaThanks to the rising oil prices,the economy in general is on an inflationary trend. Historically people tend to cut costs during inflation.
The same applies for organizations. They look to bring down expenses either by job cuts or by freezing recruitment.
Unfortunately, we may get caught in the middle. Either we will fall prey to a job cut or e forced to remain unemployed for a longer period.
To escape this fate, we have to be sharp enough to know how our present employer and the sector will react to these trends.
If the industry itself is sinking, it is better to bail - out at the earliest and find a job before there is a mad rush.
Similarly, if signs portend that the industry and your company is well placed, then it is better to ride it out.
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