May 15, 2008

Tips and random facts on punctuality

Let us first take a look at some random facts on punctuality:
First-born's and only children tend to be more punctual than middle and youngest children.
Males tend to be slightly more punctual than females.
Now let us get to some basic tips on how to be punctual.
How to be on time
  • 1. Relearn to tell time. Research shows chronically late people tend to underestimate how long it takes to do things by 25 to 30 percent. Figure out how long it really takes you to drive to work or take out the trash by timing yourself for a whole week.
  • 2. Never plan to be on time. If you're always late and plan to be 15 minutes early, you'll finally be on time.
  • 3. Welcome the wait. Don't feel you have to cram something in to the two minutes before the meeting starts because it will only make you late.
  • 4. Always have a daily plan. Schedule your activities with estimated time frames so you see what you do and don't have time for.
  • 5. Prepare. Each night, lay out your clothes, put your purse or briefcase near the door and make sure you know where your keys are.
Source: Diana DeLonzor, author of "Never Be Late Again"

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