Feb 28, 2008

How to resign professionally?

Nowadays, there is a lot of churn in organisations. Corporates are hiring employees, firing employees and more often than not rehiring employees. If you are a part of this process, it is important for you to resign in a professional manner for who knows your former boss would have resigned and joined the very same organisation you have joined.

This makes resigning in a professional manner imperative. Ensuring that you leave your organisation in the best possible terms extends beyond courtesy. It involves professional and personal etiquette.

So, here are some tips to ensure that your resignation is both professional and smooth.

The most important element in ensuring a professional resignation is to be first aware of your organisations resignation guidelines. Then follow them assiduously.

Here are some guidelines followed by most organisations. You can use these resignation guidelines, however, it is ideal to follow the guidelines given in your employee handbook.

Give notice sufficiently in advance. It will give your employer sufficient time to interview, select and even train your replacement. This will go a long way in preventing ill feeling over your resignation.

Stay active until the relieving day. It is human nature to slack off on your work when you know that you are no longer accountable for the results. Instead of slacking, work your heart out; it will leave your employer regretting your resignation. Who knows, a year down the lane, he may call you for a much senior and well paying position.

Ensure that you leave a written record of all the uncompleted projects, a detailed report about their progress. It will help you supervisor or your employer to continue your work without interruption. You can rest assured that your reports will generate a lot of good will for you among your former employer and colleagues

Now that you have ensured that you leave with enough good will, it is important to ensure that you leave with a fair settlement. It will also help your future career progression if you take pains to maintain your relationship with your former boss and colleagues.

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