Feb 9, 2008

Are you an ‘office bully’?

Are you crossing the line which separates firm management and bullying behaviour?

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Here are some identification indicators to help recognize the difference.

1. Do you feel angry much of the time?

2. Do you generally respond angrily when faced with difficulty?

3. Are your negative reactions generally more extreme than most other people's?

4. Are there certain individuals about whom you never / very rarely have any positive feelings?

5. Do you look for ways to retaliate when you perceive someone isn't behaving as you would want?

6. Do you see others as "stupid" if they don't see things your way?

7. Do you repeatedly relive situations when you became angry with another person?

8. Are you sometimes surprised - ashamed even - when you remember what you said and / or did in a difficult situation?

9. Do you enjoy seeing another person being wary / afraid of you?

10. Do you tend to act the same way with most people most of the time?

If you find yourself nodding to even one, beware, your subordinates may view as an ‘office bully’.

Source: The Association for Coaching