Dec 20, 2007

Career Development Plan

A career development plan is a tool with which you record and assess your career. It helps you to keep track of your achievements and reduces the possibility of you losing your career focus. A good career development plan helps you to constantly align yourself to your goals and gives you an excellent idea of how far away you are in achieving them.with the Kiwis is that it must be a relief to be able to say "Well bowled" once in a while.

Developing a career development plan is not easy, a very simple one may not help your career progression and a complicated one will put you off from assessing your career. Here are some points from
Caltech which will help you in formulating a good career development plan.

Assessment: First, identify your current
skills, knowledge, abilities, and interests.

Goals: Identify the new skills,
knowledge, and experiences you would like to acquire and have. Do these goals
match your personal and career interests? Are your goals in agreement with your
organization's goals, mission and vision?

Learning purpose:
Identify the gap between the current situation and the desired outcome. This
will produce a statement of purpose that should clarify why you want to learn
something, and what specific skills, knowledge and abilities you wish to

Learning objective(s): Identify what
skills, knowledge, and abilities are to be acquired or enhanced. Remember that
this is only a plan, not a rigid promise; your plan can and should be revised as
your goals change and as learning occurs.

Use these as a framework for developing your own individualized career plan. A word of warning, developing a good career plan isn’t enough – your success lies in implementing it.