Sep 13, 2007

PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi on how to get to the top

To get to the top, Nooyi explains, you must be very good at something, the go-to person with a high level of competency in a specific area. In her case, she excels at strategy.


Second, she says, you have to work hard and do well in the jobs you hold rather than worry about office politics and getting ahead. Third, you need mentors and coaches.


Nooyi never sought a mentor, although she has many. ''The lesson I learned is never to ask,'' she says. ''If you are good at what you do and they spot that talent in you, they will find you.'' But remember, she says, ``You have to be willing to listen to mentors and adapt and change.''



PepsiCo CEO shares her tips from the top