Apr 2, 2007

Getting the buy in for the Long term plans

Getting the buy in for the Long term plans

People or organisations find keeping the enthusiasm for the long term goals a tough ask.

Beseiged by the immediacy of today, getting the buy in for the long haul is an onerous task.

David Maister in this post
suggests," what gets someone (us as well – don’t make this all about THEM)
change from acting in a short-term way to doing what they (already) know
is best
for them in the long-term:

Talk up or
create the “glamour” of the future state (“Think of how fabulous
it’s going
to be when you’re there!)

Make it a moral principal (Isn’t it consistent
with our/your values to act
this way?)
Get us/them to commit themselves
to more public disclosure on
actions, to keep them/us on track
(embarrassment rather than guilt.) "

Do you think this will reap rewards?