Mar 8, 2007

Men are living in a state of delusion

Men are living in a state of delusion

An Elle/ Work & Power Survey says that men may be living in a state of delusion since appearance seems to play a big role in how subordinates perceive their bosses.

The one image issue where men and women differed sharply was in how they saw themselves judged in the workplace.

A large majority of women — 61 percent — said they thought men judged them on their looks and 54 percent said they were being judged on their body and weight. Work ethic and accomplishments came in third and fourth, followed by talent.

Men, on the other hand, were more likely to believe that women judge them in the workplace based on their work ethic (43 percent), or accomplishments (40 percent). Factors like talent, sense of humor and looks were lower on the list.

Your effectiveness or your competence is more often judged by how attractive or how competent an image you project of your self.

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