Mar 19, 2007


The man known by his signature, You're Fired, says he really doesn't like firing employees.
However, he gives us some tips on how to go about doing it:
"First, never fire someone when you're angry or when other workers are present. Don't let an employee bait you into losing your temper. If you feel yourself getting angry, immediately walk away and cool down. When you are completely composed, discuss the situation with someone who can give you objective advice. Develop a plan on how to proceed and continue reviewing it with an attorney.

Never blow up in front of your employees. When you're displeased with a worker, discuss your feelings with him or her privately, not in a public area where other employees might watch or overhear. If you're concerned about meeting alone with the employee, have another member of your staff sit in. Meet in a neutral area - not your office - so you can get up and leave.

At termination meetings, never get drawn into debates or arguments. Be civil, polite and businesslike. Expect the employee to be upset, so be direct and courteous, and give the employee an opportunity to speak."
As he suggests, when you have to fire an employee, fire him, dont talk.