Feb 9, 2007

Women executives have more clarity

Women executives have more clarity

Anand Ranghachary, the chief of the South Asia and Middle East operations of a global consulting company like Frost and Sullivan says,
Commenting on the gender angle in his company's dealings with corporate leaders, he says, "Even though it's not a major difference in terms of speed of decisions — at least in our experience — women tend to be a little bit quicker. But a bigger difference pertains to the clarity in terms of what they want. Women are very clear that these are the deliverables I want or this is the outcome I seek. People tend to be vague sometimes, particularly when it comes to consulting, because they themselves are not very clear. Of course, it is the role of a consultant to provide clarity. But I find that women executives have clarity on what exactly they want out of a research report."

The Hindu Business Line : Women execs have more clarity

Do women executives have more clarity of purpose?

What is your take ?